Inspired from the novel Egalia’s daughters, by Gerd Brantenberg, we imagined a world where gender roles in the society are reversed. The objects of this world would be slightly different from the ones we know, because the things we use reflect in a way the patriarchy and misogyny of our current society. 

Noam designed objects and I designed three garments: a hat, a pants and a bra for penis.

peho (8).jpg
peho (1).jpg

Peho :

A bra for penis. Egalian beauty standard is to have small and cute penises, so most of the pehos pack the penis tightly.

hat (1).jpg
hat (3).jpg

Transparent hat for men:

Egalian men like to show they take good care of their hair.

pants (7).jpg

Pants for women :
It has a very long fly so that women can pee standing.

The project has been exhibited in Plug In City during Dutch Design Week, and we made two workshops where we wrote an «Egalian» fairy tale with the public.